Welcome to InPhone!

We do things differently, beginning with our website.

It's simple, but effective. We use the same formula

to create InPhone products. Simple. Effective. 

It began with our touchscreen business cards and

evolved into a dynamic business tool that drives

referrals, promotes your products and services,

enhances client interaction and changes the

way you do business . . . for the better!


We have unique features that will further

distinguish you from your competitors:



Hides your mobile texting number and stores conversations


INVIDEO-CHAT (From your InPhone)

No need for compatible devices. No links to send.

No need for social media relationships.

INCONTROL  (Client Call Control)

Hides your mobile number and eliminates after hours calls


INCRYPTED (File Transfer)

End to End Encryption. Safely transfer your sensitive files.

HIPAA compliant.


InPhone will be the most unique, economical and

efficient business tool you ever use.


Thank you for visiting. Please contact us if you

have questions or wish to learn more.


The InPhone Team



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