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Welcome to InPhone!

      We do things differently, beginning with our   

      website. It's simple, but effective. It is designed

      in presentation form, so you can learn about

      InPhone quickly and efficiently. 

      We used the same formula to create InPhone.

      Simple. Effective. Economical.

      It began with our touchscreen business cards 

      which have now become the InTouchpad

      We then created touchscreen business

      directories which are now InDirectory, which

      brings organization to your organization

      Since our product is so great at growing your

      referral business, we added InCircle, which

      allows you to create your own strategic, non-

      competing networking / referral group with

      other trusted professionals.

      You are about to discover why InPhone will

      be the most effective and economical business

      tool you may ever use. 

      Thank you for visiting. Please contact us if you

      have any questions.

      The InPhone Team

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