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Welcome to InPhone!

      We do things differently, beginning with our   

      website. It's simple, but effective. It is designed

      in presentation form, so you can learn about

      InPhone quickly and efficiently.

      We used the same formula to create InPhone.

      Simple. Effective. Economical.

      It began with our touchscreen business cards.

      They have evolved into our current product:

           a "phone in phone business tool"

      We have added cutting edge features that will

      change the way you do business: (for the better)


            INTEXT-CHAT (HIPAA compliant)

      Protects the privacy of your mobile texting number


      INPHONE Video Chat (Right from your InPhone)

       No need to be social media friends or use matching devices

         INCONTROL - (Client Call Control)

       Hides your mobile number and eliminates after hours calls


      You are about to discover why InPhone will

      be the most effective and economical business

      tool you ever use.

      Thank you for visiting. Please contact us if you

      have questions or wish to learn more.

      The InPhone Team

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